Julia kann national und international für Workshops gebucht werden. Sie unterrichtet Pole Dance bereits seit 2012, hat mehrere Trainerausbildungen absolviert und auch selbst schon Trainer ausgebildet. Ihr ist es wichtig, dass jeder Schüler glücklich das Studio nach einem Workshop mit ihr verlässt, deshalb passt sie den Schwierigkeitsgrad immer individuell an die Teilnehmer an.

Bei speziellen Wünschen bitte einfach nachfragen, es können auch andere Workshops wie die unten aufgelistet, angeboten werden.
Genauere Infos können per Email ( angefragt werden.


Dynamic Pole

Dynamic pole tricks like flips, switches and rotations are amazing but can be really challenging and scary. As a self-taught pole dancer Julia knows all the struggles with these moves and therefore will make sure to give you the possibility to learn this moves progressively and at your own pace.



Bend don´t break

Julia is known for her extreme flexibility and loves all flexibility shapes on the pole and putting them into pretty combos. This workshop is not only for extremely flexible people, there will be modifications for different levels of flexibility.




Low Flow

When you want to learn how to move from one move to another with fluidity this workshop is the one for you. Learn how to make your transitions smooth by learning short flow combinations. Julia will also give you tipps on how to create your own flowy combos and how to use the fundamentals we learned on the ground up in the air.



In this choreo workshop you will learn parts of Julia´s Pole Theatre Routine “Bodylove”. We will Focus on beautiful details, emotions and facial expression. A few tricks will be included which can be adapted to any level. Julia will also make sure that you will walk out of this workshop with an extra portion of Selflove!



If you want to bring your flexibility to the next level and bend your body into pretty shapes you will love this workshop. Learn how to warm up and strengthen your body for extreme flexibility moves. Contortion requires a good body awareness, good conditioning and technique in order to be save – we will cover all these parts in the workshop. With these fundamentals you will learn pretty shapes, transitions and acrobatic contortion tricks.



Flexibility, heels and slinky movements are part of this workshop. This routine will not only make you look like a sexy goddess, it will also make you more flexible Melt into your splits and backbends while dancing a sultry choreography.